Get To Know Us..

#CartLife, Its Who We Are

Carolina Custom Carts is a family owned and operated Golf Cart Customization company based in Charleston, South Carolina. When we say family owned and operated, we mean it! Just check out some of our Social Media posts... We LIVE on our 2022 Custom Built STORM with 160ah Lithium Battery (See below) and our family is committed to doing our part in you getting a taste of the good life, #CartLife. 

We, Justin and Ashlyn (as well as the 4 young men in training), are  South Florida natives that saw the values and the culture in Charleston, and decided to relocate the family to West Ashley. Although some have asked, "Why move from Florida?" like we have 3 heads, but it is abundantly clear to our family why we are here.

We have partnered together on previous businesses, which have always been focused on adding value to others, and this time chose to endeavor in a business that makes everyone smile - Custom Golf Carts! Let's be honest... have you ever seen anyone sad to be on a golf cart? Of course not! And that is why Carolina Custom Carts is here, to put a smile on your face.